Kottayam West Police Station

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Kottayam West Police Station is known to be the first Police Station in Kottayam Taluk and one of the oldest Police Stations in the state. The exact date opening of this Police Station is not known. It is believed that, this station was started functioning for about 150 years. In 1056 (Malayalam era), the erstwhile Travancore State was divided into Taluks. Then a Police Station was opened at all Taluk Head Quarters with jurisdiction over the whole Taluk. This station was functioned in the Taluk Office building built in the year 1068 (Malayalam era). It was on the western side of the Kottayam Reading Room Junction from where the Kottayam –Kumily road starts. Originally, the whole of Kottayam Taluk was under the Kottayam West Police Station with one OP at Pambady. In 1088, the OP at Pambady was upgraded into Charging Station and the Village of Pambady and Akalkkunnam were added to it. On 01.07.1950, the Station area was bifurcated and the Kanjikuzhy Station (present Kottayam East) was formed and the villages of Panachikkadu, Nattakam, Ayarkunnam, Manarkadu, Puthuppally and the portion of Vijayapuram Village were added to it. In 1964, the OP at Kumarakam was upgraded into a Charging Station. The OP at Thiruvarppu was also added to Kumarakam Police Station. Thus the Villages of Aymanam, Kumarakam and Thiruvarppu which were under this Station were brought under Kumarakam Police Station. Kottayam West Police Station was functioning in the Northern Wing of the building in which the Kottayam Taluk Office was also housed. Subsequent to the transfer of the above building with 75 cents of land to Kottayam Muncipality for constructing a Shopping Centre, the Police Station was shifted temporarily to the Western portion of the same building as per GO(Rt) No. 2321/80/Home dated 30.10.80 and SRO 1044/80. The Police Station was then shifted from Kottayam Town to the new building constructed by KPHCS on the banks of Kodoor River, near Kodimatha on 13.01.2006 in 50 cents (20.2342 Ares) of land in No.145 A in Ward No. XIV of Kottayam Municipality in Sy. No.19/1 AB and 19/2 in Kottayam Village vide Govt. Notification SRO No. 849/2005 and GO(Rt) No. 2225/2005/Home dated 30-08-2005.

Jurisdiction details

The Station area falls under the Aymanam Village, Kottayam Village in full and Veloor Village and Muttambalam Village in part. There is a total area of 4188878 Sq. meter falls within the limits of the above Villages comprises the Station jurisdiction.

Panchayath and villages

There are Four Panchayths in Kottayam west police station Jurisdiction and they are Aymanam, Kottayam, Veloor,Muttambalam. Nagaroor and Pazhayakunnummel.

Border Police stations

Kottayam East, Gandhinagar, Kumarakam and Chingavanam Police Stations sharing boarder with this Station on East, North, West and South respectively.

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial Fist class Magistrate Court III Kottayam

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

This station comes under Kottayam Parliamentary constituency and in Kottayam and Ettumanoor Legislative assembly.

Government Institutions

BSNL Kottayam Mini Civil Station,Kottayam DD(Education) Office, Kottayam

Important Hospitals

Dist. General Hospital,Kottayam, Govt.Ayurveda Hospital,Vayaskara Bharat Hospital,Kottayam KIMS Hospital,Kudamaloor

Important Colleges and Schools

Kottayam Govt.Town LPS Veloor St.Johns LPS Kudamaloor GOVT LPS Olassa Govt LPS Kallumada CEZMS LPS Karappuzha CMS LPS Karappauzha NSS LPS Kaottayam CMS College LPS KTM CNI LPS Olassa CMS LPS Parippu LPS NSS Puthanagadi LPS Thazhathangadi MD LPS Valiyad ST.George LPS Veloor GOVT UPS Veloor ST .Johns UPS Karimadam GOVT UPS Kummanam GOVT UPS Mauhammedans GOVT UPS Thazhathangadi P.JM. UPS Aymanam Kudamaloor St.Marys UPS Karappuzha GOVT HSS Kottayam GOVT Model HSS Kudamaloor Govt HSS Baker Memorial GHSS Kottayam CMS College HSS Kottayam NSS HSS Kottayam ST Anns HSS Olassa CMS HSS Parippu HSS (NSS) St.Thomas HSS Puthanagadi Baker Vidyapeedh, Kottayam Excelsior English Medium School, Illikkal Chinmaya School, Illikkal CMS College Kottayam BCM College Kottayam

Important Banks and Financial Institutions

State Bank of Travancore,Kottayam SBI Thirunakkara Federal Bank,Kottayam

Important Temples and Festivals

Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple Pallipurathukavu Devi Temple,Kodimatha


Christu Raja Cathedral, Kottayam Kudamaloor Forane Church


Thazhathangadi Juma Masjid,Kottayam Taj Juma Masjid,Kottaym

Transportation- Main Roads

MC Road,Kottayam TB Road,Kottayam

Important Rivers

Meenachil River Kodoor River

Tourism importants

Thazhathangady is an important tourist place in which the heritage festival is celebrated every year. Thazhathangady Boat Race is also famous all over India which was also conducted in the Meenachil River near Thazhathangady.

Accident Prone Areas

Chungam Medical College, Kudamallor Jn.

Main Projects through the Police Station

Janamaithri Suraksha Project and Operating eight beats in the station limit.

Women help desk is functioning at station building.