Good Works Done 2016

Help provided by a Police men

On 11.01.2016, CPO 6835 Pradeep Kumar C.T, of Traffic PS, Kottayam was on the way to Police Canteen with his wife during his duty rest time and saw a person lying on the road seriously injured due to an accident by an unknown vehicle. So many people were watching this event and no body try to help the victim. Seeing the crowd Pradeep Kumar stopped his bike and approached the victim and put an earnest effort to hospitalize the victim on his risk. Even though of his repeated request for a help to hospitalize the victim, any person or vehicle did not helped the Police man. At last a vehicle stopped and thereby Pradeep Kumar alone rushed to Hospital with the victim. The victim died during the way to the hospital.

Kottayam East Police Station Crime No. 400/16 - Operation Black Hunt

Three accused in various robbery cases namely Jishnu, Samson and Sandeep were arrested by Sreejith, Sub Inspector of Kottayam East P.S., Shajahan Probation Sub Inspector, ASI Ajith (5849), Shibukuttan SCPO 5875, Saji Kumar I CPO 6345, Bijumon Nair CPO6497, Binoj 6751 and Driver Rajesh on 12/3/16 night. The accused were apprehended by the Police on the investigation of Cr. 400/16 u/s 392, 411, 34 IPC. On confession statement of the accused people 3 more cases of different Police Stations in Kottayam District were detected. Earnest efforts made by these Police Officers are remarkable and appreciable.