Know Your Police Station

Know Your Police Station


Message Of District Police Chief, Kottayam

I convey my heartiest greetings and best wishes to the people of the Kottayam District and all the members of Kottayam District Police, on assuming charge as District Police Chief.

The primary task of the police force is to maintain law &amp ampamp order and also prevent and detect crime. It does not stop there. It is my duty and responsibility to ensure the all of you feel safe, especially the poor/under privileged and downtrodden. We are here to serve you and protect you.

We have built a web interface for the public through this website, so as to enable the public to know more about the Kottayan District Police. We are in the process of becoming an active participant in the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc also so as to more accessible to the citizens.

I expect your wholehearted cooperation and also reiterate our commitment to serve the people sincerely, effectively and without any corruption

Sri. Karthick IPS
District Police Chief, Kottayam

Image of Police Chief