Tanutra - Women Security Mobile App

In spite of having fair amount of women security programs, violence against them are not declining. It is still sad that the concerned authorities get information of such an event only after the occurrence that is where Tanutra – the women security mobile app comes in handy and helpful.

Aims And Objectives

  • To ensure complete security of women
  • Immediate help of police in all emergency situation.
  • An alert message which includes even the details of place of information/victims are being send easily to the higher officials of police.
  • Speeding up the security progress by the help of technology.
  • Even though this app is focusing on women security. It can also be used by every citizen emergency assistance.

How It Works In An Emmergency Situation

  • If you are in an emergency situation, firstly activate the mobile data and location on your mobile then open the Tanutra app.
  • Press the e help button, immediately your present location, IMEI No, Mobile No, with an emergency message. Saying “ I NEED AN URGENT ASSISTANCE” It will be send to district police control room, women help line, women cell circle inspector, DYSP Dist. Crime branch, DYSP Special branch, all sub divisional officers along with the personal contacts that was given prior during installation.
  • Even if mobile data is not available the latitude and longitude will be sent by which location could be traced.
  • To send the message, your phone credit should be minimum Rs.10 If you have only Rs.5, the message will be send only to five of above said officials.

How To Activate Tanutra

  • In android based phone, open the play store and type Tanutra in the search bar.
  • Install the app named Tanutra Kottayam.