Kottayam Sub Divisional Police Office is located in Colloctarate Building, Kottayam.

According to available records, Kottayam Sub Division is functioning from 09-07-1958 and Sri. P.K. Muhammed Hassan was the 1st officer who held the charge. In the beginning, Kottayam Sub Division had Peerumed, Ponkunnam and Kottayam Circles. There were 14 Police Stations and 12 outposts during that time.

At present Kottayam Sub Division consists of Kottayam West PS, Kottayam Traffic Enforcement Unit, KumarakomPS, Kumarakom Tourism Police Unit, Kottayam East PS, Kottayam Vanitha PS, Ayarkunnam PS, Ettumanoor PS and Gandhinagar PS.




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Last updated on Wednesday 1st of June 2022 AM