Kumarakom Police Station

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The out post which was functioning here under Kottayam Town station from 1088-1913 was upgraded into a charging station as per GO(MS)No.2-4-1964-vide on15.04.1964.As per GO.RT.3566/87Home.dated26.09.1987 old Police station was shifted to the newly constructed Police Station building in building no.578A in ward No.VI of Kumarakom Panchayath .

The police station is approximately 250 meter away from Kumarakom Market and 15Km away from Kottayam town and 22Km away from Cherthala Town.Kumarakom is actually a Tourist area, because of that there is a TOURISM POLICE WING also working in Kumarakom PS.

Jurisdiction details

The jurisdiction of Kumarakom Police station extends to the revenue villages of Kumarakom ,Thiruvarppu and Chengalam which are inKumarakom Panchayath and Thiruvarppu Panchayath

Border Police stations

Kottayam West

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court III, Kottayam

Parliament constituency and Legislative Assembly

Kumarakom Police station jurisdiction belongs to Kottayam Parliamentary Constituency.

Government Institutions

1. Kseb Kumarakom 2. Govt. Veternary Office, Kumarakom 3. Regional Agricultural Reaserch Station Kumarakom 4. Krishi Bhavan 5. Forest Section Office , Kumarakom 6. Bsnl Office ,Kumarakom


1. PHC- Kumarakom 2. PHC- Thiruvarppu 3. Govt. Homeo Dispensary Kumarakom 4. Govt. Ayurveda Dispensary Kumarakom 5. Santhi Hospital Kumarakom

Educational Institutions

1. SN Colleage Kumarakom 2. Govt Iti Thiruvarppu 3. Govt. Hss Kumarakom 4. SKM Hss Kumarakom 5. Govt. Hss Chengalam 6. SKM Public Kumarakom 7. Mariya Bahvan Em Kumarakom 8. SNDP Hss Kiliroor 9. Abm Govt Ups Kavanattinkara 10. Govt. Ups Thiruvarppu 11. St. Johns Ups Pallichira

Banks and Financial Institution

1. SBT, Kumarakom 2. South Indian Bank , Kumarakom 3. Federal Bank, Kumarakom 4. District Co-Operative Bank, Kumarakom 5. Service Co-Operative Bank, Kumarakom 6. SBT Thiruvarppu 7. Service Co-Operative Bank, Thiruvarppu 8. Service Co-Operative Bank, Kanjiram 9. Service Co-Operative Bank, Chengalam

Important temples and festivals

1. Sreekumara Mangalam, Kumarakom, 2. Puthiyakavu Devi Temple Kumarakom, 3. Arthanariswara Temple- Assarisseri, 4. Pannikodu Devi Temple, Kumarakom, 5. Muthentenad Temple- Konchumada, 6. Vadakkumkara Devi Temple- Kumarakom, 7. Nashnanthra Devi Temple, Kumarakom, 8. Sreekrishna Temple- Thiruvarppu, 9. Kiliroorkunnel Devi Temple- Thiruvarppu, 10. Chengalam Kunnumpuram Devi Temple, 11. Thrikkayil Temple Kummanam,

Churches and Festivals

1. St.Johns Attamangalam Church, Kumarakom, 2. St.Johns Vallara Churach, 3. Navansreth Church Nasrathupally, 4. Csi Church, Chakrampadi, 5. St.Johns Church Pallichira, 6. St.Thomas Anglican Church Kumarakom, 7. St.Johns Orthodox Church Kumaraakom, 8. St.Thomas Church Chengalam, 9. St. Joseph Church Chengalam, 10. St. George Orthodex Church, Kummanam, 11. St. Francises Se-Salis Church- Kiliroor,

Important Mosques

1. Kummanam Halazi 2. Sheriyath Kummanam 3. Thablileq Kummanam 4. Rehmath Mosque Ambooram 5. Noor Masjid - Ambooram 6. Deva Masjid- Arupuzha

Tourism Places

1. Vembanad Lake - Kumarakom slumbers on the banks of the famous Vembanad Lake .The Vembanad Lake with its majestic canals ,streams and distributories along its banks weaves an intricate and enchantingly beautiful web.

2. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary- The Kumarakom bird sanctuary will be a delight for the birdwatcher and the tourist alike .This 14 acre Bird sanctuary is located on the estern banks of the Vembanad lake.The common dwells here are the water fowl, ducks, cuckoos and wild ducks.If you are lucky you will chance upon a sibererian Crane,a special visitor during the migratory season.

Main Projects through the Police Station

Student Police Cadet

Tourism Police