Ramapuram Police Station

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The Police Station was opened on 26/01/1970 and it was shifted to a new building on 01/10/1977 near Ramapuram pvt. Bus stand. The police station consist of three villages,Ramapuram, Vellilapplally, Veliyannnoor and some parts of Kadanadu village.Sri.V.G.Kocheria is appointed as the first Sub Inspector of Ramapuram police station.

In the present Ramapuram Police station is situated by the southern side of Pala- Koothattukulam road 500mtrs.west from Ramapuram town. M.C. road,one of the most important roads in Kerala is passing at the boarder of Ramapuram police station. So also Agamaly- Punaloor state high way and Uzhavoor – Koothattukulam road are also passing through it. Nearest Main Railway station from the police station are Kottayam and Ernakulam. Nedumbasserry is the nearest air- port.

Jurisdiction Details

The places like Ramapuram, Chakkampuzha, Edakkoli, Koodappulam, Parathodu, Veliyannoor, Puthuvely, Thamarakkadu, Amanakara, Methiri, poovakkulam,Neeramthanam, Nellappara,Kurinji. Manathoor, Pizhaku, Aimcombu, Ezhacherry and Marangadu are included within the limit of Ramapuram police station.

Border Police Stations

Eastern side of Ramapuram police station is Melukavu. P.S, Southern side is divided to both Pala P.S and Kuravilangadu P.S. and Northern side is Karimkunnam P.S. which is in the limit of Idukki district and western side is Koothattukulam P.S.in the limit of Ernakulam district.

Jurisdictional Courts

Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I Pala

Parliament Constituency and Legislative Assembly

Ramapuram Police station limit comes under Kottayam Parlament Constituency and Pala and Kaduthuruthy Legislative Assembly.

Government Institutions

1 Sub Registar Office- Ramapuram 2 AEO Office Ramapuram 3 Agriculture office Ramapuram 4 KSEB -Ramapuram 5 BSNL Office- Ramapuram 6 Govt.Vetenary Hospital Ramapuram. 7 Supplyco Office- Ramapuram 8 ICDP Sub Center -Thamarakkadu 9 Agriculture Office Poovakkulam 10 Supplyco Office- veliyannoor

Major Hospitals

1.Govt. Hospital, Ramapuram- 2.St. Agustines Hospital, Ramapuram 3.Homeo hospital-Onthumkunnu, 4.Govt. ayurveda Hospital, Idiyanal, 5.Family Welfare centre –Veliyannoor- 6.Govt. PHC.Veliyannoor. 7.Govt. Ayurveda Hospital Veliyannoor. 8.Govt. Homoeo Hospital, Thamarakkadu 9.S.H. Hospital, Chakkampuzha

Educational Institutions

1 St. Sugustines H S S Ramapuram 2 St. Sugustines H S Ramapuram 3 S.H. GHS Ramapuram 4 St. Joseph H.S. Manathoor 5 Govt. H S S . Edakkoli 6 Chavara International School Amanakara 7 Vandematharam VHSS Veliyannoor 8 Vandematharam HS Veliyannoor 9 Govt. Higher Secondary School Puthuvely 10 Govt. High School Puthuvely 11 Nirmala Public School Pizhaku 12 Mar Kuriakose collage Puthuveli 13 St.Augustain collage Ramapuram 14 Govt. HS Edakkoli Edakkoli

Banks and Financial Institutions

1.SBI, Ramapuram 2.SBT, Ramapuram, 3.South Indian Bank,Ramapuram, 4.Co.Operative Bamk,Ramapuram, 5.Teachers Co-Operative Society Ramapuram, 6.Kizhathadiyoor Service Co-operative Bank-Ramapuram, 7.Regional Service Co Operative Bank-Ramapuram- 8. Co. Operative Bank, Ezhacherry- 9.SBT Chakkampuzha, 10.SBT-Veliyannoor- 11. Co.Operative Bank- Veliyannoor 12.Co-Operative Bank- Amanakara 13.SBT, Pizhaku-

Important Temples and Festivals

A huge number of temples and kavs reflecting Hindu worship is an important feature of Ramapuram. Among these “Nalambalam” is out standing and which are dedicated to Sree Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Sathrunghna. The visit starts at Sree Rama temple and followed by Lakshmana temple, Bharatha temple, Sathrunghna temple and the visit ends after returning to Sree Rama temple.All days in the month of Karkkidaka are considered as important days for the visit. During the season pilgrims from other district in Kerala visit these temples.

1.Sree Rama Temple, Ramapuram 2.Lakshmana temple-koodappulam 3.Bharatha Swamy temple Amanakara 4.Sathrunghna temple – methiri. 5.Mahadeva Temple Palliyampuram. 6. Saktheeswara temple-Vellilappally. 7. Sastha Temple Kondadu 8. Sree Krishna temple- kurinji. 9.Paraekkavu temple Aimcombu. 10.Kavumpurathu Kav- ezhacherry. 11.Mahadeva Temple Perumattam, 12. Nellikkakkunnu Devi temple- Veliyannoor 13.Sree Krishna temple-Puthuvely.

Churches and Festivals

St.Augustines church , Ramapuram, is the first church in Kerala named after Saint.Augustine. The church festival related to blessed Thevarparambil Kunjachan is an important event attracting large number of people belonging to different religions. People even from far away places came to participate in holy functions. Ramapuram Church is changing in to an important pilgrim centre.

1.St.Augustines church , Ramapuram. 2.St.Marys Church , Manathoor. 3.St. Johns Baptist Church, Pihzaku. 4.St. Johns Church, Ezhacherry. 5.St. Sebastians Church, Kondadu 6.St. Thomas Church, Aimcombu. 7.St. Thomas Church, Neeramthanam. 8.St. Marys church, poovakkulam. 9.St. Sebastians Church, kurinji. 10 St.Pious Church,Amanakara. 11.St. Rockeys church, Areekkara 12.St. Sebastians Church,Thamarakkadu. 13. st. Marys Church, Poovakkulam.

Transportation-Main Roads

So many roads are passing through the station limit and among these Pala- koothattukulam, Pala- Thodupuzha, Uzhavoor- Koothattukulam are important. Except these M.C. road is passing at the boarder. Long service buses which are going to Malabar areas plying through the station limit.

Major Rivers

No important rivers are flowing through the station limit. Small river named “Ezhacherry Thodu”which is the branch of Meenachil river, is flowing through the station limits.

Traditionally Important Places

In 1450 a church was constituted at Ramapuram in the name of blessed Vergin Mary. Karokkal Kaimal gave the land for the church. On 28th August 1599 Menesis Thirumeni Arch Bishop of Gova laid foundation to the present church and was renamed after Saint Augustine under the influence of him who was a member of the Augustenian congregation. It is the first church in Kerala named after Saint.Augustine. The church festival related to blessed Thevarparambil Kunjachan is an important event attracting large number of people belonging to different religions. People even from far away places came to participate in holy functions. Ramapuram Church is changing in to an important pilgrim centre.

Tourism Importance

Kurinji koomban and Kottamala are one of the most beautiful high ranges laying northern parts of Ramapuram. It is a forest like place Pea cocks, Monkeys and hedgehogs are living in the area. These ranges controls the climate of Ramapuram and near by places.

Another beautiful site is Pambanal Water Fall. It is 12 K.M. far from Ramapuram polioce station and near Manathoor.The water rolling from the mountains springs with soft inland murmer is an attractive sight.

Main Projects through the Police Station

Senior Citizen Help Desk is functioning in the station building.

Clean Campus Safe Campus programme is functioning in all the educational institutions within the limit of Parassala Police Station. School Protection Groups also functioning in the schools.

Women Help Desk is functioning in the station building.