Armed Reserve Unit

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The primary responsibility of the District Armed Reserve is to maintain a well disciplined Armed Police Reserve for the assistance of the District Police Chief for maintaining Law & Order duties and other matters. In this regard 5 Companies of young Police Men and officers with the supervision of 2 Reserve Inspectors under the in charge of 2 Asst: Commandants is the strength details of AR Camp.

AR Police personnel performing various Guard duties such as District Treasury Guard, 15 Sub Treasury Guards, EVM Guard, Wireless Repeater Station Guard, Prisoner’s Cell Guard at various Hospitals and Unit Quarter Guard. VIP/ VVIP duties, Cash Escort duty, Personal Security Guard duties to higher officers & Bureaucrats and Prisoner Escort duty are also performing by the AR personnel. In addition to these, AR personnel also assisting Local Police in Law & Order duties and Traffic duties and also all the duties as directed by the District Police Chief.

    Motor Transport Wing

    A seperate Motor Transport Wing with a unit work shop is functioning in the Camp. The upkeep of all the vehicles allotted to Kottayam district is done by the unit MT Wing.

    Quarter Master Store

    The upkeepment of store articles and other infrastructures relating to the camp and district is carried out by the QM Store. Accounting of Arms & Ammunitions, Tear Gas equipments, Accouterment etc are also carried out by the QM Store.

    Armoury Wing

    Cleaning, maintenance and repairing of all Arms issued to Kottayam district is carried out by this wing.

    NDPS Godown

    A separate godown is built and the NDPS materials belong to 5 Districts were kept in the AR camp,Kottayam, which is under the full charge of the Godown Officer(Asst.Commandant-I). Objects of various NDPS cases are kept in the Godown under safe custody.

    Anti Sabotage Check Team

    An Anti Sabotage Check Team is functioning in AR Camp under the charge of one RSI. The Team is regularly checking the sensitive areas, function places of VIPs, Railway Stations, Bus Stands and Pilgrim centres in the district.