District Crime Records Bureau

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As per Go(MS) No.69/89 H Dtd. 08.05.1989, State Crime Records Bureau(SCRB) at the State Head Quarters and District Crime Records Bureau (DCRB) at Districts have been get up. As per Police Head Quarters Circular No. 25/89 Dtd 24.10.1989 the broad functions of State crime Records Bureau and District Crime records Bureau have been defined. The Deputy Supt. of Police/ Asst. Supt. of Police District Crime Records Bureau is a key functionary in the District for prevention and detection of crime. Generally this unit is made up for the smooth functioning of the investigation of cases in Police stations. Crime trend and crime analysis for the district is carried out in this unit. Now District Crime Records Bureau is headed by one Deputy Superintendent of Police who is also nodal officer of Crime Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS).

Collection, Analysis and Dissemination of the crime data and rendering expert advice to Police Stations is the core function of the District Crime Records Bureau. DCRB has direct supervision on the functioning of the Finger Print Bureau, Official photographer and the Scientific Assistant and they visit the scenes of crime in important cases with the mobile laboratory vehicle and expert advice.