District Special Branch

0481 2563388 dyspsbktm.pol@kerala.gov.in

The Kottayam District Special Branch was formed along with the formation of Kottayam Police District on 09/06/1980. An officer of the rank of Inspector of Police was headed the Unit during the period from 09/06/1980 to 28/03/1983. From 28/03/1983 onwards the District Special Branch is headed by an officer of the rank of Deputy Supdt. Of Police. An officer of and above the rank of a Senior Civil Police Officer is entrusted with the Special Branch works with in the jurisdiction of each of the Police Station in this District. The Special Branch officer so deputed would be observing the society in general and collect intelligence from the general public and uniformed police personnel. The special branch staff play a very important role in collecting advance intelligence about law and order matters as well as all types of illegal activities and forward the information to the District Police Chief for necessary action.

Public Services

Crime Stopper Cell - The Crime Stopper Cell is functioning round the clock under this unit with Toll Free No. 1090. This alert system can be utilized by public to inform about the probability of crimes, occurrence of crimes, accidents, clashes and illegal activities to Police authorities in Phone No. 1090 (Toll Free). In this system the informants need not be disclosed their identity.

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) - Police Clearance Certificate issued to the persons who are/who were residing in the jurisdiction of Kottayam District. For the same, application is to be submitted to the District Special Branch office in the prescribed format. The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) will be issued to the applicant within a period of 15 days after due enquiry by Special Branch Field officers.

Verification of character and antecedents of candidates selected for employment - Verification of the character and antecedents of candidates selected for employment in Central/State Government and Quasi-Governmental organisations. The same is conducted as per the request of the appointing authorities concerned.

Processing of Passport applications - Handling of Passport applications such as receipt and distribution of passport applications received from Regional Passport Office and also its distribution to the police stations concerned for verification and forwarding of the same to the Regional Passport Office received back from each Police stations after verification.